Training for complete beginners
A significant minority of the British population have yet to discover how to balance a two-wheeler.

According to the National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Prevention, in 1990, 10% of adult men and 33% of adult women didn't know how to do it.

The cliche is true. Riding a bike is easy. Anything you can do is easy, but this doesn't mean that there aren't some difficulties involved in doing it for the first time.

Reading is easy, you look at the patterns on the paper - or on the screen - and the ideas come into your head; but telling someone who has never found out how to read "reading is easy" doesn't necessarily help them.

How easy it is to do something, and the problem of discovering how to do that same thing are separate issues.

The LSC's most popular service has been our instruction for complete beginners. We've introduced hundreds of riders from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds to the pleasure of two-wheel travel. The first important threshold is getting a bike moving from rest without physical support. Once you can do this reliably you can practice on your own.