An initial beginners course lasts up to two hours with instruction on a one-to-one basis. Students will progress at different speeds depending on their confidence, fitness and self-control but more than 90% of riders discover how to stop, how to start and how to make basic manoeuvres in this first session.
The first session contains an element of theory so subsequent sessions take less time.
After these basics have been established it is possible for the novice rider to practice on their own in a quiet, level location near their home, although if they wish to progress more quickly the LSC can provide further basic instruction.
The cost of this training is 60 pounds for the first 2 hour session.
Subsequent sessions - if required - cost 35 pounds per hour.
These fees include the use of our bicycles for the training session.
Training is by appointment, and can be arranged at any time during daylight hours.
This training takes place from our base at 24, Downhills Park Road, London N17 6PG.

Once a rider has mastered the skills of stopping and starting predictably, can make controlled turns, look backwards over their shoulder while going ahead and give one-handed traffic-signals they are ready to begin riding on the roadway and sharing space with other traffic. This is the moment when we recommend further instruction, which is best given on quiet roads close to the student's home. In this way they can look at local hazards and work out routes for practising alone.