Training for travel
We also offer training for people who can ride but are not confident about sharing space with other traffic. If you have a bike that's in rideable condition, this training can take place from your address, so that you learn to deal with local hazards and get used to riding in your local conditions.

If you don't have a bike you can also take this training on a Transport for London hire bike.

Students get the best value from this training if they have mastered the skills of stopping and starting predictably, can make controlled turns, look backwards over their shoulder while going ahead and give one-handed traffic-signals. These skills are best practised in a level unobstructed area away from other traffic.

If and when the student decides to embark on purposeful travel - commuting to work for example - we can suggest routes and escort them, either at the weekend when traffic flows are light or on their first trip.

Training can be arranged at any time and costs 35 pounds per hour