Basic maintenance training
We provide training one-to-one, or for small groups.

You can think of this training as either an introduction for people who want to become self-reliant mechanics or - for those who prefer to leave most of their maintenance to a shop - everything you need to know to get the very best service from your bike and your mechanic.

The training can be at your base. In the evenings or at weekends we can provide a fully equipped workshop venue in Central London.

The training is practical - work on your own bike.

  • Good procedures for quick and convenient home maintenance.
  • Cleaning & lubrication, to prolong the life of your bike.
  • Punctures, prevention and cure.
  • Brakes & Gears, adjustment for optimum operation.
  • Diagnostic Checks to correct problems early.
  • Detecting Defects, is that second-hand bike a bargain or a turkey?
  • Cost is negotiable based on £35 per instructor hour.