Unsolicited comments on the LSC basic bike maintenance course....

"Thank you for an excellent day on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the course content, hands on and your teaching style and endless knowledge of all things cycle related." "I came away not only with a huge amount of new information (and a few trade secrets) but also the confidence to tackle things now that I didn't have before the course. It was also a bonus to have my bike checked over and tweaked as the ride home was so much smoother." "Thanks again for a great day"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your excellent course. I really feel like I know my bike far better now and my anxiety over repairs (done by me or a bike shop) seems to have vanished - an amazing result from what was a fun day too.
I know Jonathan is keen to get back on his bike and is almost wishing for something to need some attention!
We will definitely recommend your course!"

"Thank you so much for Saturday's course: I really got a lot out of it. Your teaching style enjoyably de-mystified so many arcane tricks of the trade. My bicycle, about which I've been pretty uncomplimentary, felt entirely different - I bowled home in fine style.
I look forward to getting down and dirty with the de-greaser and the Fairy liquid.
Whoever would have thought that Punctures are Fun? Your notes are very good, too."

"The cycle maintenance course on Saturday was really useful, as well as being very enjoyable."

"Great session on Saturday - really enjoyed it!"

"Just a quick thank you for the excellent instruction on Saturday - really enjoyed it and learnt a lot."

"Thanks for the cycle workshop on Saturday, really helpful stuff. A bike will never seem the same again. My bike is running so much more efficiently now, I got to work much quicker this morning with the same amount of effort - amazing!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the maintenance course last Saturday. I have been raving about it all week and I have already put my newly discovered skills into action! You certainly demystified loads of stuff for me that I thought was really difficult. I am even just about to buy a bike stand so I can tinker away to my hearts content. So thanks very much. I will certainly be recommending the course to others."

"Had a great day last week; I reallyenjoyed the course and learnt a lot."

"Thanks so much for the course on Saturday. Susan and I both thought it was brilliant."

"Thanks for a great day - you would not recognise the bikes we have now, as I spent Sunday afternoon going over them with my new-found knowledge and completely cleaned and lubricated them; had a moment of panic trying to put the chain back on at one point, but followed your advice and toddled off for a cuppa before going at it again - no problem."

"We really learnt a lot at your course, and really appreciated going! Thanks for presenting in such an easy-to-understand way!"

"Thanks ever so much for this course. It might soundcheesy, but for the first time ever I had the feelingas if my bike really was MINE."

"Thanks for the course, very interesting and informative and I certainly feel alot more confident in looking after my trusty steed. Good to banish a few of the bike shop trade secrets too - mainly that this stuff isn't that complicated. It was a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday."

"Great stuff!"

"Just a note to thank you for a very enlightening day on Saturday. I think this has much improved my relationship with my bike and I shall certainly be trying to deal with my punctures in a less panic stricken fashion."

"Just got back from a week's touring in Picos de Europa in Spain - it's beautiful there. Had a couple of punctures plus a couple of other problems on the way, and felt very confident as a result of doing your course. So thanks, that's exactly why I did it - these minor probs would have been holiday-ruining dramas otherwise."

"I seem to have come home on a new bike. I shall endeavour to keep it in this condition. Many thanks for the course."

"Just a brief message to say how much I enjoyed the course on Saturday, you are able to impart lots of knowledge in an easy to understand way and you make learning fun as well. Have more confidence to tackle maintenance tasks now"

"Just to say that I thought yesterday was terrific, I got a lot out of it - and enjoyed it too."

"I just wanted to say thanks for the course on Saturday. I really enjoyed it and found it hugely helpful! I've read through the notes and they are an excellent reference - really helped concrete what I learnt.
So I enthusiastically washed my bike on Sunday morning and oiled the chain and it is a happy machine again! I also decided to put a bit more air in the front tyre and promptly ripped the valve from the tube - so I also got to do my first puncture repair! I was very excited and happily did a very good job - and luckily as my bike was now clean I didn't get too mucky!"

"Thank you for a very informative and beneficial course on Saturday. Well worth it. I feel I can now set off on my 1200k's through France with the confidence that I can sort out a problem on my bike should it arise or at least see me through to a bike shop!"

"Just to say thank you very much for the course. I both enjoyed it and learnt a considerable amount. I'm looking forwards to my first roadside puncture!"

"Thanks for yesterday it was really interesting and most importantly very useful. I learnt a lot...very grateful."